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Divorce involving infidelity in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents may have heard about hackers releasing contact information of 37 million users who subscribed to a website connecting individuals looking to have an affair. This has unsurprisingly led to a number of individuals seeking a divorce from an unfaithful spouse. However, it's important to note that a spouse's cheating may have no impact on the outcome of a divorce.

This is due to no-fault divorce laws. Since this means that the state isn't interested in why a couple is ending their marriage, people shouldn't expect to get preference in terms of alimony, child support or asset division. In some cases, child custody may be influenced by a spouse's cheating, but judges do not often take infidelity into account when making these decisions.

However, if someone's spouse spent money on the person they were cheating with, this spending could be considered marital waste. Credit cards or other proof of spending on cheating may help someone avoid the obligation of paying off these debts or may alter the asset division process.

Someone going through a divorce will likely end up making decisions or agreements that will affect their life for years to come. It is important that individuals try to avoid making emotional choices because of this. For example, someone may want to keep a home for nostalgic reasons but not be able to afford its upkeep or may agree to much larger child support payments than they can make due to feelings of guilt. A lawyer could help clients understand the long-term effects of the way issues related to a divorce are decided and assist them in pursuing an equitable outcome.

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