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IRS equalizes taxation for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that the IRS has now stated that the agency will recognize same-sex marriages no matter where they live in the country. This means that couples will be able to file as married even in the 13 states that still have not legalized same-sex marriage.

Using online vaults to store end-of-life documents

Many Pennsylvania residents take advantage of online services to make their lives simpler and easier, and the growth of cloud-based data storage has led some of them to store important legal documents in digital vaults. When end-of-life documents are stored in this way, it can make matters much easier for heirs when a loved one passes away, but there are a number of important matters to be considered before taking this step.

Financial fraud and divorce in Pennsylvania

Financial fraud is not something that often occurs in marriages, but if someone's spouse is engaged in it, it could result in one spouse receiving less of a couple's assets than is deserved when the marriage comes to an end. In the divorce context, fraud usually rears its head in the form of assets being hidden or under-reported.

Understanding the duties of an executor

When Pennsylvania residents are asked to be the executor under a person's will, they may have questions as to what this important duty involves. As there are several important legal responsibilities attached to such a role, people should make sure that they are both willing and capable of performing the variety of tasks.

Understanding the law for living wills and powers of attorney

A frequent concern for Philadelphia residents has to do with wills, how they are created, and what the laws are regarding its various aspects. A commonly confusing part of that is a living will, sometimes referred to as an advance health care directive. Understanding the rules and criteria for every eventuality is key. This applies also to health care powers of attorney. In order to have these types of documents be legally valid, there are certain factors that are required to be in place.

Common services provided by divorce attorneys

A Pennsylvania resident who is contemplating a divorce might wonder what exactly an attorney might do to justify the ensuing legal fees. An attorney who focuses on family law can often supply a client with diverse services ranging from paperwork to limiting the damage that might be caused by out-of-control emotions.

Same-sex spousal benefits may be retroactive

A Pennsylvania court ruled that an individual's same-sex common law marriage dating from 2001 was legal for retroactive purposes of allowing the surviving spouse various death benefits even though the marriage had commenced prior to its legal recognition in the state. Since the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage throughout the United States, several other people are seeking retroactive recognition of their marriages.

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