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Age at which people marry an important factor in divorce rates

No Pennsylvania couple enters a marriage thinking it will end. While there are many causes of a divorce, a recent study has revealed that the age of the spouses at the time of tying the know can have an impact on the marriage's longevity.

An accurate assumption regarding marriage has always been that teens who choose to marry will have the highest rates of divorce. That remains the same. However, the study also discovered that people who got married when they were in their early 30s have a greater likelihood of getting a divorce than those who married in their late 20s. After the early 30s, the chances of getting a divorce rose by 5 percent for each year of age at the time of marriage.

This is in spite of the reality that people in that age group had better education and a stronger financial standing. The divorces increased for people older than age 32 independent of where they lived, their ethnicity or religious affiliation. Those who had multiple sexual partners prior to getting married were more likely to divorce. Another issue that caused a problem was having a child before marriage with a person who has a volatile disposition.

It is suggested that those who are older will resist compromise and have more trouble adapting. They might have gotten married when they really did not want to. The research implies that people in their 20s are best suited to get married and have the union last. Dating for an extended period prior to marriage is also an indicator of the marriage's durability. These numbers are relevant, but marriages can end for many reasons. A person who is facing the end of a marriage and the attendant legal issues may find it advisable to obtain the assistance of a family law attorney.

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