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Reducing friction between divorced parents

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania often find it difficult to forget about their past disputes and instead focus on what is best for their children. Young children can react badly when their parents split up, and this is particularly true of contentious divorces that can drag on and lead to lingering resentment. While most divorced parents understand that mature attitudes and effective co-parenting strategies are crucial for the emotional health of their children, they sometimes find it very difficult to behave appropriately when the very sight of one another can raise stress levels.

Preparation is often the key to remaining calm under pressure, and divorced parents may be better able to keep their emotions in check if they are able to stay focused on the goals they have for their children. They may also wish to develop a more professional attitude towards one another and understand that they are partners in a venture with a common goal. Another pragmatic approach is to work as a team to find solutions to the issues facing their children rather than focusing on one another's failings as parents or former spouses.

However, even those with the best of intentions can stumble when old animosities rise to the surface, and it is important for divorced parents to understand that their disagreements will become animated at some point. Dealing with these setbacks, and being able to learn from them, is the foundation that effective co-parenting is built on.

Delicate and volatile matters such as child custody and visitation, spousal support and property division make family law a particularly challenging field, and attorneys with experience in this area will likely understand that diplomacy can be as important as legal acumen. When divorcing spouses are at an impasse, attorneys may suggest mediation or arbitration to avoid a potentially ruinous court battle.

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