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Estate planning advice for Pennsylvanians

Estate planning is one way to prevent inheritance issues while distributing one's property after death. Most people do not like to discuss this topic, but acting now can make it easier for Pennsylvania family members who are left behind.

Estate planning attorneys will advise their clients to be very clear about how they want their belongings distributed after their death. Every item that a person owns has two values: its financial value and its sentimental value. Even if the financial value of an item is very low it may still carry a significant sentimental value. Due to increased stress and elevated emotions, family members may fight over these treasures if the owner has not already left clear instructions.

Another good idea is to be fiscally conservative now to make sure that there will be money to cover funeral costs later. These costs, especially if they are unexpected, can leave a family in financial ruin. Solving these monetary concerns in advance can reduce stress and preserve the family's finances. Planning ahead is a thoughtful way of taking care of the next generation so they will not have to struggle in the future. It also takes the stress out of dividing up the assets.

The estate planning process may seem daunting, but it is well worth the peace and financial security that it can provide for a family. Experienced attorneys can help with the drafting of wills, trusts and other appropriate documents such as a power of attorney that would allow a trusted individual to make certain decisions in the event of a principal's incapacity.

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