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Sheriff's office teaches parents lesson for not paying support

Some Pennsylvania residents have learned the importance of making child support payments the hard way as the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office arrested 11 parents for not making payments as part of an overnight sweep that took place on Feb. 3. These 11 parents owed money for 16 children, and the total amount owed was $126,218.63.

The Montgomery County Sheriff noted that noncustodial parents supporting their families is a big priority for the sheriff's office, and two teams of deputies found the parties in question without any incidents. The deputies started their search at 1 a.m. and visited the areas of Norristown, Blue Bell, Glenside and more.

A few parents owed smaller amounts of $2,000 or less while some parents were in arrears for much more. Two men with one child each respectively owed approximately $21,500 and $39,600 while one man owed more than $28,000 for three children.

Noncustodial parents who do not pay child support are not always arrested, but this story shows how serious making payments can be. Those who have the funds could be sent to jail for not making payments in some cases. Typically, this is a last resort as courts would rather have parents pay than be detained.

If an individual has a court order but cannot afford to make child support payments, a modification may be necessary. This may happen if a noncustodial parent loses a job, suffers an injury or has a health condition that worsens. In such a case, a lawyer may help their client in the process of modifying the order through the court.

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