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Preparing for a contested divorce

Although a Pennsylvania couple whose marriage is coming to an end can try to keep their divorce low-key, it may not always be possible to resolve the case without having it decided in a courtroom. For those who are going to trial, it is important to know the rules ahead of time. The complexity of the case as well as the issues that need to be resolved could determine how long it may take to finalize.

For instance, those who are in a battle over child custody could find that their case is expedited to ensure the best interests of the children. However, different jurisdictions may have varying rules, which means that individuals need to be aware of them to get the best possible result. Although some may be able to get a good grasp on the process ahead of them, it is never a good idea to go to court without an attorney.

Having legal counsel means having an advocate who understands the often complicated process of going to trial. Furthermore, it is critical to have the right attorney and to let counsel take the lead in court. Emotional outbursts may harm a person's chances of winning child custody or other favorable rulings from the judge deciding the case.

Those who are facing the end of a marriage often find that their emotions are taking over and that they want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. In that regard, it may be preferable to step back and have a family law attorney conduct negotiations so that an equitable settlement can be reached.

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