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People can now crowdfund a divorce

Couples in Pennsylvania who worry about how they will be able to pay for a divorce have a new option available to them: crowdfunding. This strategy has helped individuals acquire medical treatments, support a community cause, pay for a honeymoon and launch a new business. Now, individuals can tap into this strategy to fund their marital split

A number of sites have started to launch new business models that allow for the crowdfunding of a divorce. Divorcing spouses may need extra funds to pay legal fees, fight for custody or acquire a new home or furniture. Some of the sites allow divorcing spouses to create a wish list for specific items that they want. One site currently states that it has 114 such divorce registries since it began the launch into this category in March. Such funds can be necessary when the average litigated divorce is estimated to be between $15,000 and $30,000.

The crowdfunded divorce is only one new addition to the evolving landscape of how people decide to leave their unions. Rather than focusing on any negative aspect of the divorce, many individuals who are facing the end of a marriage have decided to celebrate the transition, happy to return to being single and out of a relationship that was no longer working. Divorce parties are more common in which the divorcing spouse celebrates newly found freedom. Some women have ruined their wedding dresses in a celebratory manner. Another trend is to take a selfie on the courthouse steps after the divorce order is issued.

The process does not have to be expensive, however, and there are alternatives to litigation, such as mediation. In many cases, an attorney for a divorcing client can assist in negotiating an agreement with the other estranged spouse that addresses and resolves the applicable issues.

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