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How to use social media during divorce

Pennsylvania residents who are getting a divorce should be careful about what they reveal on their social media accounts. They may not realize that both email and text messages are subject to a court subpoena. People might talk about a bonus or other information they have not revealed in court.

IRA trusts and whether to establish them

Pennsylvanians with large individual retirement accounts may wonder whether they should plan to transfer the accounts by designating their loved ones as beneficiaries upon their death or if they should instead create IRA trusts. In most cases, designating beneficiaries is a better idea unless certain familial situations apply.

Divorce among older adults on the rise

Couples who are at over the age of 55 were more than twice as likely to seek a divorce in 2012 than they were in 1990. For people 65 and older, the rate was three times higher compared to 1990. Experts speculate that changing attitudes in that generation about marriage and divorce along with women's financial independence, more relaxed laws in Pennsylvania and other states governing divorce and longer life spans are all contributors to the higher divorce rate.

What Pennsylvania residents should know about divorce

Whether a person is a movie star like Johnny Depp or just an everyday citizen looking to get a divorce, the process may be interestingly similar. For instance, it may force individuals to put their public life out in the open as well as open up their financial records for scrutiny. Moves such as selling or transferring property may also pique the interest of a judge overseeing the case.

Court awards alimony to immigrant despite prenup language

Pennsylvania couples might be surprised to learn that, in marriages with one immigrant spouse, the U.S. citizen remains responsible for the financial stability of the immigrant spouse after the divorce. This is what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on June 8, disregarding the terms of a prenuptial agreement to the contrary.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose file divorce settlement

Rapper, songwriter and actor Wiz Khalifa will be able to remain in his luxurious Pennsylvania home and continue to enjoy his collection of rare American muscle cars under a divorce settlement filed on June 6. The deal reportedly calls for Khalifa's former wife, the model and actress Amber Rose, to be paid a sum of $1 million. Reports indicate that Khalifa has already paid Rose $356,000.

Parenting partnerships after divorce

Although divorce may provide a Pennsylvania resident with some relief from stress and other issues that have grown over the course of a difficult marriage, the connection established through parenthood continues after the divorce is finalized. A parent needs to realize that carrying acrimony into the co-parenting relationship might be natural based on an inability to get along before the divorce. At the same time, parents need to recognize that this acrimony could be harmful to their child's emotional well-being. Putting differences aside for the sake of a child's stability may be challenging, but it can provide a youngster with a better opportunity to thrive.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie appear to resolve child custody issue

Pennsylvania parents can imagine how an uncooperative teenager might make child custody issues more difficult. Legal proceedings concerning the custody agreement between pop singer Madonna and English filmmaker Guy Ritchie revealed that their now 15-year-old son had not wanted to return to the United States to visit his mother.

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