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Parenting partnerships after divorce

Although divorce may provide a Pennsylvania resident with some relief from stress and other issues that have grown over the course of a difficult marriage, the connection established through parenthood continues after the divorce is finalized. A parent needs to realize that carrying acrimony into the co-parenting relationship might be natural based on an inability to get along before the divorce. At the same time, parents need to recognize that this acrimony could be harmful to their child's emotional well-being. Putting differences aside for the sake of a child's stability may be challenging, but it can provide a youngster with a better opportunity to thrive.

A commitment to a positive parenting partnership is a helpful starting point for divorcing spouses. Communication will continue to be necessary to work out visitation details and to deal with important needs and events involving their child over time. It can be easy to make accusations or to raise one's voice without realizing it, but this can provoke an equivalent or worse response from the other party. Ultimately, this can trickle into the relationship with the child as parental stresses are expressed through verbal or nonverbal communication.

Mediation can provide an effective tool for not only resolving the financial and legal details of a divorce but also for facilitating a period of changing communication strategies and methods. By treating the separation as both a physical and emotional action, ex-spouses may be able to improve communications to the benefit of their child.

Handling custody and visitation disputes can be one of the most challenging aspects of post-divorce life for many parents. family law attorneys will remind their clients that the focus should always be on the child's best interests rather than winning a perceived battle.

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