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Options for divorce

Pennsylvania couples who are ending their marriage probably know that there is more than one way to do so. How the issues of a divorce are resolved is mainly determined by how well the two parties can work together.

In an uncontested divorce, there is no litigation to decide on divorce issues. Both parties are able to compromise with one another, and in some cases, neither have an attorney. It is not unusual for the process to be completed within a few weeks. Outside professionals, such as financial advisers, may be consulted regarding the allocation of financial assets.

Contested divorces, or divorces that involve litigation, can be combative and expensive. Each party has their own lawyer whose duty is to obtain the best possible outcome for their client. This kind of divorce can last months, or even years. A growing trend in handling divorces is mediation, which entails attempting to resolve issues with the assistance of an impartial third party who may or may not be an attorney. It is advisable for each estranged spouse to have separate legal representation during these types of proceedings.

A collaborative divorce involves each party having a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines, including an attorney, a financial adviser and in some cases a psychologist, assisting in resolving the issues that remain outstanding. The intent is to make the divorce less taxing by having emotional and financial planning support.

Nearly half of all marriages end in a divorce, and there are a variety of ways to handle the particular divorce legal issues. A family law attorney can help explain the options that might be suitable to a client's particular situation.

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