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Divorce strategies for women

Pennsylvania women often struggle with the decision to end a marriage. The decision to divorce is typically a heartrending one, often triggered by long-standing disputes that cannot be resolved. Women often have unique considerations in such an event, which means that specific legal and financial strategies may be in order.

One thing to consider when planning to leave a marriage is timing. Some observers have noted that women tend to time the decision to divorce during certain months of the year, such as January, when most people feel like they are getting a fresh start, or March, which comes after what may have been a disappointing Valentine's Day.

However, this sort of planning has its basis in emotional responses that may have little to do with the complexities of ending a marriage and establishing a new life. Announcing plans to leave before getting proper legal advice or gathering up financial and legal documents can backfire. As a result, a woman who plans to leave her marriage may find herself in a difficult predicament as she attempts to navigate the legal system with few, if any, financial resources.

Women who are considering leaving their marriages may benefit from speaking with an experienced divorce attorney. A divorce lawyer may be able to educate the client about issues that should be addressed before making definite plans to leave. For example, proceeding with a divorce may go more smoothly if the client has access to financial records and information about household accounts.

Attorneys may also be able to advise on other matters of importance, such as child custody, property division and ongoing maintenance. Having this kind of knowledge before approaching a spouse about divorce may mean the difference between making a clean break with the past and struggling with a drawn out and possibly unfair legal battle.

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