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Electronic communications in Pennsylvania divorces

Social media and other electronic communications are increasingly playing a role in divorces. Along with certain communications causing some spouses to decide to end their marriages, what individuals say on sites like Facebook or in online conversations may also affect the outcome of a divorce.

Internet-based communications can be subpoenaed. Even before divorce paperwork has been filed, however, a spouse may be going through their partner's online messages. Therefore, even if someone starts deleting messages after a filing, it may not do them any good. Further, mass deletions may make it appear that a person has something to hide.

To help prevent online communications from causing problems during a divorce, one may want to consider ensuring that their spouse does not have access to their Internet accounts and to take steps to prevent their spouse from being able to use their mobile devices. Some individuals may find it best to limit their Internet communications until their divorce has been finalized to prevent their spouse from finding anything that could be used against them.

Laws related to divorce frequently evolve to fit changes in society and technology, so it's important to understand how divorce matters are determined by the court. People should also be aware that judges often have a large amount of leeway in deciding issues related to child support and alimony as well as asset division. Therefore, the argument that someone presents to the court may have a significant effect on the outcome of their divorce. A lawyer could help a client form an argument and obtain an equitable outcome.

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