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Making smart choices about divorce in Pennsylvania

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the start of a new year also tends to bring with it a number of new divorce filings. This is likely due to the fact that people tend to want a fresh start and look for major ways of changing their lives. Additionally, the holidays tend to be very stressful for couples who are already having problems, and money matters, which are a common cause of divorce, may be more likely to crop up.

Experts urge people who are considering filing for divorce to make the decision dispassionately and to treat it like a business deal. When individuals make emotional choices, especially in relation to ending their marriage, they may make poor ones.

Along with considering if someone really wants a divorce or is just having a hard time, people should also think about things like the timing of a divorce. While individuals may want to file immediately, it may be better in the long run to hold off and do some digging into their spouse's finances. This can help ensure that people are able to get an equitable amount of marital assets during a divorce.

There are a number of financial issues that people will need to figure out when they get a divorce. These can include who gets the family home, if one person pays alimony and how to divide both assets and debts. When a couple can agree on how to determine these matters, they may be able to go through a mediated divorce, which gives them greater control over how the divorce is handled. If a couple cannot figure out these issues amicably, the divorce will need to be litigated. A lawyer could explain the difference between litigated and mediated divorces and assist with either.

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