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How Your Planning (Or Failure To Plan) Affects Loved Ones

When you are doing your long-term planning and completing a will, one of your top priorities (if not the top priority) should be to document and protect your wishes. However, it is also critical to prioritize your loved ones' welfare as well. 

Can I Keep My Kids From Blowing Their Inheritance?

Parents go to great lengths to protect their kids, and this includes setting aside money and property to pass on to them after parents pass away. If you are like many Pennsylvania parents, you probably want to maximize the financial gifts you leave to your kids. However, you probably also want to ensure they don't waste the inheritance you worked so hard to leave behind.

3 Situations Where You Might Request a Paternity Test

Being a parent is about more than the biological connection you may or may not have with a child. Any adoptive or stepparent can attest to this. However, there are situations in which paternity testing to confirm or challenge a biological relationship between father and child becomes necessary.

3 estate planning tools for people in same-sex relationships

Estate planning is essential for any person. However, as this NerdWallet article points out, same-sex partners can be challenged more often than opposite-sex partners when it comes to end-of-life care and decisions. Further, the probate process can be particularly thorny when the person who passes away has estranged family members or relatives who did not agree with his or her relationship.

What Does The Court Consider When Calculating Child Support?

Thousands of parents in this state need to be familiar with child support guidelines and orders. If you are getting divorced or recently had a child out of wedlock, then you should begin by understanding how support is calculated in this state.

Protecting Your Legacy With An Estate Plan

Even though Memorial Day is now behind us, the messages of the holiday are important and can last long after people return to work. One message is that a person's death affects loved ones long after he or she has passed; even though there is not a government holiday to honor everyone's passing, family and friends will be affected by the tragic loss for years to come.

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