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Do You Work in an Occupation With a High Divorce Rate?

Countless studies try to define risk factors and predict likelihood of divorce. But for better or worse, there is no study that can consistently and accurately calculate whether a couple will or will not divorce; every person and every relationship is unique.

However, some studies can shine a light on certain factors that put more strain on marriage. For instance, a study recently came out identifying the occupations with the highest rate of divorce.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau examined by Zippia, a career website, the following five fields have the highest rate of divorced workers under the age of 30.

  1. First-line enlisted military supervisors
  2. Animal caretakers (nonfarm)
  3. Probation and correctional treatment officers
  4. Advertising sales agents
  5. Entertainers

Social workers, firefighters, and computer support specialists were also among the jobs with higher rates of divorced workers.

Jobs with the lowest rate of divorced workers under 30 include:

  1. Religious workers
  2. Speech pathologists
  3. Dentists
  4. Management analysts
  5. Managers in architectural and engineering fields

Other low-divorce-rate occupations include legislators, transportation workers, and sales.

Based on these statistics, an argument could be made that higher stress, dangerous jobs can be more likely to push a marriage past its breaking point than other occupations.

Keep in mind, though, that these numbers could look very different for people over the age of 30, as couples who have not been married very long and do not have kids may be more inclined to divorce than older couples.

Studies like this one may help you look at your own marital challenges in a new perspective. However, they are not to be taken as definitive guides or predictions for your own marriage. If you are struggling and considering divorce, then don't get bogged down by statistics. Focus on your specific situation and seek resolutions that help you build a strong, happy future for yourself. If this does include divorce, then legal guidance can prove to be critical.

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