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Why August Could be the Month You File for Divorce

Ending a marriage is not a decision people make lightly. It typically happens after couples have spent a considerable amount of time fighting, being unhappy and/or seeking counseling. That being said, there are trends as to when people file for divorce. For instance, research indicates that there is a spike in divorce filings during the month of August.

Talk to Your Teens about the Consequences of College Crimes

If your child is heading off to college in the coming weeks, he or she is likely excited and perhaps intimidated by this significant transition. As a parent, you can make this transition easier in a number of ways, from getting their school supplies to helping them move into their dorm rooms.

Protecting Your Child With A Disability

Planning for the future is important for any family, but it becomes even more important when a child has a disability. How can you protect your child today, tomorrow and when you aren't around? With the right help, special needs planning doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some of the legal tools available to you.

4 Parties Who Can Help You Through a High-Asset Divorce

Divorces involving substantial amounts of money or property have the potential to turn into all-out battles, considering all that may be at stake. In high-asset divorces, people aren't just fighting over a single home or thousands of dollars; they can be fighting over a lucrative business or millions of dollars.

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