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3 Reasons to Review Your Child Support Orders This Month

Since 1995, August has been identified as Child Support Awareness Month in Pennsylvania and across the country. This month, we recognize the child support programs and participating parents who support the needs and well-being of children across the country.

This could be the push you need to finally address child support issues you may have been avoiding. In the coming weeks, it can be wise to review existing child support orders for three important reasons.

  1. Orders can be outdated: Over time, your financial resources can change, and the needs of your child can change. Your child support order should reflect these changes, so review it now and talk to an attorney should you have questions about seeking a modification.
  2. You need to enforce the orders: If the other parent of your child is behind with payments or does not make payments in accordance with the court orders, then you may need to get help enforcing the orders. This can include suspending a delinquent parent's license or possibly holding him or her in contempt of court.
  3. You might not be responsible for paying: In some cases, men can wind up paying child support for a child who isn't theirs. Mistakes can be made, and the laws can work against presumed fathers in some situations, so if you have reason to doubt paternity, you can secure a paternity test that could possibly release you from support obligations.

It is crucial to address child support issues sooner, rather than later, as they can get more complicated over time. Of course, it can be tempting to try to resolve problems yourself without the time, expense and frustration of the courts, but that can make an already-bad situation worse if such efforts are ineffective.

If you have been hesitant to take aggressive action regarding child support matters, for whatever reason, then Child Support Awareness Month could serve as the perfect opportunity to officially recognize your issues and finally take action and secure the resolutions you need. Consulting an attorney regarding your concerns can be a good start.

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