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Talk to Your Teens about the Consequences of College Crimes

If your child is heading off to college in the coming weeks, he or she is likely excited and perhaps intimidated by this significant transition. As a parent, you can make this transition easier in a number of ways, from getting their school supplies to helping them move into their dorm rooms.

However, it is also crucial that you also talk to your teen about the common pitfalls and mistakes college students make during this time of transition. Sadly, too many young students make some unwise decisions when they head off to college, and in the case of the following criminal offenses, they can destroy a young person's educational opportunities and future.

  1. Underage drinking or DUI: Alcohol-related offenses can result in jail time, suspended licenses, fines and other consequences that can make it difficult to focus on school, pay tuition and get to class, not to mention the stain they can leave on a young person's criminal record.
  2. Drug possession or sales: Whether a student sells marijuana, buys some Adderall from a classmate or uses cocaine at a party, the consequences of these drug-related offenses can be very harsh and put a student's freedom and educational opportunities in jeopardy.
  3. Assault: Violent crimes have very real penalties, whether they involve a physical fight or sexual assault. Young people convicted of these crimes can wind up facing lengthy prison sentences and dismissal from school.
  4. Theft: According to statistics, thousands of incidents involving burglary and theft occur on college campuses every year. That being said, stealing is still a serious offense for which a person can face criminal conviction.

While these may seem like harmless or innocent youthful offenses to the student engaging in misconduct, the law does not see them this way, especially for someone over 18.

However, you can protect your children from having their future destroyed by these missteps by warning them of these risks and explaining the harsh consequences that come with conviction.

If your child is already charged with a crime, you can talk to an attorney familiar with defending students against criminal allegations. With legal guidance and support, you can protect your child from having to pay for a regrettable college mistake for the rest of his or her life.

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