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Why August Could be the Month You File for Divorce

Ending a marriage is not a decision people make lightly. It typically happens after couples have spent a considerable amount of time fighting, being unhappy and/or seeking counseling. That being said, there are trends as to when people file for divorce. For instance, research indicates that there is a spike in divorce filings during the month of August.

There are a number of possible reasons for this, which we examine below. While you should not base your decision to divorce on statistics and trends, this information could give you some insight into why you (or your soon-to-be ex) decide that you are ready to file this month.

"Optimism cycles" come to an end

According to some researchers, summer is considered an optimistic time. Between the warm, sunny weather and summer vacations, people can feel more hopeful about repairing a relationship. However, when these periods come to an end and significant changes have not been made, then people ultimately realize they are back where they started.

Summer offers opportunities to meet new people

Whether you take a vacation, go out for more dinners with friends or spend time at new places like the beach, you could find it easier to meet new people during the summer months. This can help you feel less isolated or upset and open you up to new possibilities about the future.

You want to start fresh in the New Year

Divorce takes time. In fact, for most people, it will take several months between filing and finalization. There is a 90-day waiting period in Pennsylvania, and if you have an uncontested, amicable divorce, you could finalize the process in about four months. If you are already looking ahead to 2018 and hoping to make a new start, filing for divorce now can help you do that.

Whatever the reasons may be, if you are ready to file for divorce this month, then you would be wise to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. With legal guidance, you can be confident that you understand your options and know how to avoid costly mistakes in everything from your paperwork to your settlement negotiations.

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