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Drug Sentencing Is A Gamble

You need an experienced Lawyer

While society's views on certain drugs become more tolerant, our US Attorney General orders Federal Law enforcement to be "tougher" on drug offenders. Prosecutors and Judges can be either tough or lenient. Those charged as drug offenders who don't have an experienced Pennsylvania criminal lawyer are gambling with their future.

Experience with the Criminal Justice system makes it apparent that one feature stands out above all the rest: the way that the defense lawyer prepares for and handles negotiations with the Prosecutor can spell the difference between going to prison and remaining free.

One Arrest Means Many "charges"

It is common practice for the prosecutor to charge an offender with violation of several sections of the law, usually a range of less and more serious offenses, some relating directly to the drug offense and some merely collateral to that offense. If the case goes to trial, it is possible to be convicted of more than one offense, and possible that the verdict will include the most serious of the charges. Each of those sections carries a range of possible punishments, typically expressed in the amount of the fine and the length of the prison sentence.

The Value of An Experienced Lawyer

An experienced lawyer will analyze the facts of your case, study the elements that must be proven by the prosecutor to convict you of the offenses charged, and know your history. Your lawyer will be effective so long as he/she is prepared to argue why your facts don't add up to the legal elements needed to convict, and why a severe sentence does not fit the circumstances.

In Short, Negotiation Is The Key

To avoid the gamble with your future, your lawyer must be prepared to, and must smartly and aggressively argue your case with the prosecutor long before trial, so as to convince the prosecutor of the weakness of his/her case, and enhancing the ability to negotiate a plea to one of the lesser offences and a less severe and costly sentence; thus avoiding the risks inherent in going to trial.

What you can do to level the playing field?

The prosecutor has a lot of help, from the police to a staff of detectives to the large staff of Assistant District Attorneys. If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial that you do not gamble with your future: insure you have someone on your side fighting for your rights.

An attorney experienced in aggressively defending against criminal charges in Pennsylvania is an invaluable tool in leveling the playing field and minimizing your exposure to unfair or unnecessarily harsh penalties.

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