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Common Criminal Charges During the Holidays

Heightened enforcement efforts and holiday celebrations can mean more people face criminal charges in the following weeks. This is particularly true with regard to the following offenses.

  • Shoplifting: Retail theft increases significantly during the holidays. Store owners and police often boost patrols and sting operations to identify and arrest shoplifters.
  • DUI: Drunk driving enforcement efforts also increase during the holidays. People attend more social events and may experience more stress, which can both lead to increases in drinking and driving.
  • Domestic assault: Tensions run high during this time of year. Family members who usually avoid each other may have to be in the same space. Alcohol use can also increase. These factors make it more likely that a situation involving domestic violence will erupt.
  • Traffic offenses: With holiday travelers taking to the road in large numbers, police are on the lookout for speeding, aggressive driving, parking infractions and other traffic violations.
  • Drug distribution or possession: Whether a person uses or sells drugs, both supply and demand can increase during the holiday season. Police know this and often make more drug arrests.

A joyful season can become very sad if you or a loved one wind up in jail facing criminal charges. Under these circumstances, it is crucial for those accused of unlawful conduct to speak with an attorney.

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