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Property Basics for Unmarried Couples

People are not getting married at the rate they used to. Rather, data collected by the Pew Research Center and other organizations indicates that cohabiting among adults is increasing. Numbers reportedly rose from about 14 million in 2007 to 18 million in 2016.

How the Opioid Crisis Can Trigger Increased Criminal Charges

Pennsylvania is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. The severity of the problem is clear from statistics showing that while overdose deaths are down in 14 states, they are still rising in Pennsylvania. In January, Gov. Tom Wolf declared the situation a public health emergency and issued orders so addiction sufferers can access drug treatment more easily.

What Pennsylvania Law Says About Hazardous Products Injuries

When you buy a product, you have a responsibility to use it as the maker intended and according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. On the other side of the equation, the manufacturer has an obligation to ensure that its product is safe, works as advertised and to educate users. If it does not, there is a risk of injury. If you fall victim to such negligence, you have a right to seek recovery for pain and suffering.

What Makes a Product Defective?

When a product breaks or causes an injury, people often refer to it as a defective product. In the legal context, however, there is much more to it when making a defective product claim. In order to pursue a claim for compensation citing a defective product, you must be prepared to establish some critical legal elements.

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