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Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in Pennsylvania But There Are Still Challenges

The right of nearly all adults to marry in Pennsylvania is a matter of law and has been since 2014, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. That does not mean that all existing walls of discrimination against same-sex couples have come tumbling down. Four years later, headlines claiming alleged discrimination still abound.

Just Because an Asset is Intangible Doesn't Mean it's Not Taxable

Readers may be aware of the fairly recent news involving the estate of singer Whitney Houston. According to reports citing court documents in the case, attorneys for the estate won a significant victory by reaching an agreement with the IRS to pay $2 million in taxes. The IRS had sought $11 million, alleging that the estate had undervalued the worth of certain Houston assets such as royalties, residuals and the value of her name. A term that applies to many of the items on that list is "intangible assets".

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