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How the Opioid Crisis Can Trigger Increased Criminal Charges

Pennsylvania is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. The severity of the problem is clear from statistics showing that while overdose deaths are down in 14 states, they are still rising in Pennsylvania. In January, Gov. Tom Wolf declared the situation a public health emergency and issued orders so addiction sufferers can access drug treatment more easily.

Challenging Technology Used in Criminal Cases

Technology is an inexorable part of our lives. But it has its imperfections and can create problems when we rely too heavily on it. Consider the recidivism algorithm called COMPAS that is sold to courts across the country to help determine whether someone will re-offend. Reportedly, it is only accurate 65% of the time.

Facing Drug Charges? 3 Mistakes That Can Make the Situation Worse

If you are accused of a drug-related offense, you are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, people often do things after an accusation that can make their situation worse. In this post, we will look at three mistakes to avoid if you are accused of drug use or possession in Pennsylvania.

What to Do if Your Teenager Faces Shoplifting Charges

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, teenagers make up approximately 25 percent of shoplifters in the U.S. There is no "average" description of a teenage shoplifter. Sometimes good students, pressured by their peers on a dare or to test limits, are arrested for shoplifting.

Talk to Your Teens about the Consequences of College Crimes

If your child is heading off to college in the coming weeks, he or she is likely excited and perhaps intimidated by this significant transition. As a parent, you can make this transition easier in a number of ways, from getting their school supplies to helping them move into their dorm rooms.

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