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Who Gets the Pet? 7 Factors to Help you Decide

As we have discussed in previous posts, pets fall into a complicated spot in family legal matters. According to Pennsylvania law, pets are property. According to many pet owners, pets are members of the family. Because of these differing points of view, it is wise for divorcing spouses to resolve pet issues outside of the court system.

Preparing for Divorce in 2018

Studies suggest that divorce inquiries and filings increase in January, just after the holiday celebrations. Well, it's January and if you find yourself on the verge of a divorce, there are steps you can take to be prepared, to anticipate and avoid missteps that make the process more complicated and expensive. Below are three ways you can prepare.

Pennsylvania Fathers: Protect Your Rights

Historically, fathers have been considered secondary caregivers, more likely to be breadwinners than to stay at home with the kids. Times have changed. According to this report from Pew Research Center, the number of fathers who are sole breadwinners has decreased from 47 percent to 27 percent since 1970. Fathers today spend triple the amount of time on childcare than they did in 1965. In addition, more couples are deciding not to marry, which has meant more unwed fathers.

How Do We Handle our Personal Property in a Divorce?

When people think about the property they have to divide in their divorce, they often think of the very valuable or large items, like cars, homes and jewelry. However, you must also divide personal property and household items that are marital property and this can be confusing, frustrating and tedious.

Why August Could be the Month You File for Divorce

Ending a marriage is not a decision people make lightly. It typically happens after couples have spent a considerable amount of time fighting, being unhappy and/or seeking counseling. That being said, there are trends as to when people file for divorce. For instance, research indicates that there is a spike in divorce filings during the month of August.

4 Parties Who Can Help You Through a High-Asset Divorce

Divorces involving substantial amounts of money or property have the potential to turn into all-out battles, considering all that may be at stake. In high-asset divorces, people aren't just fighting over a single home or thousands of dollars; they can be fighting over a lucrative business or millions of dollars.

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