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Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in Pennsylvania But There Are Still Challenges

The right of nearly all adults to marry in Pennsylvania is a matter of law and has been since 2014, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. That does not mean that all existing walls of discrimination against same-sex couples have come tumbling down. Four years later, headlines claiming alleged discrimination still abound.

3 Family Law Challenges Same-Sex Couples Still Face

The legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. was a major win for the LGBT community and its supporters. With that development came the same benefits, rights and recognition of marriage that opposite-sex couples have enjoyed for generations.

3 Situations Where You Might Request a Paternity Test

Being a parent is about more than the biological connection you may or may not have with a child. Any adoptive or stepparent can attest to this. However, there are situations in which paternity testing to confirm or challenge a biological relationship between father and child becomes necessary.

Parenting partnerships after divorce

Although divorce may provide a Pennsylvania resident with some relief from stress and other issues that have grown over the course of a difficult marriage, the connection established through parenthood continues after the divorce is finalized. A parent needs to realize that carrying acrimony into the co-parenting relationship might be natural based on an inability to get along before the divorce. At the same time, parents need to recognize that this acrimony could be harmful to their child's emotional well-being. Putting differences aside for the sake of a child's stability may be challenging, but it can provide a youngster with a better opportunity to thrive.

Financial fraud and divorce in Pennsylvania

Financial fraud is not something that often occurs in marriages, but if someone's spouse is engaged in it, it could result in one spouse receiving less of a couple's assets than is deserved when the marriage comes to an end. In the divorce context, fraud usually rears its head in the form of assets being hidden or under-reported.

Tips for dividing assets in a divorce

For couples who are considering a divorce in Pennsylvania, it is important to understand the issues surrounding the division of marital property. Community property states, such as Arizona, California and Texas, have different rules for dividing property than Pennsylvania. Therefore, it is especially important for couples who have moved from those states to understand the impact of various financial decisions on the ultimate division of marital assets.

Has the time come for a national divorce law?

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling on same-sex marriage. The decision makes clear that states can't deny homosexual couples the right to wed. We're sure that not everyone is happy with the declaration, but it is the law of the land. Here in Pennsylvania, the door to same-sex marriage has been open since last year.

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