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Same-sex couples have need of family legal services just like heterosexual couples. When Pennsylvania became the 19th state to legalize gay marriage in 2014, a whole new world of legal rights and responsibilities opened up for same-sex couples. They could finally get married and consider starting families. They were also introduced to many types of legal situations that traditional families have been dealing with all along, like divorce, child custody, medical and property rights and estate planning. Same-sex couples now often require the services of attorneys that carry an understanding of their particular legal issues.

Understanding legal unions or domestic partnerships

A domestic partnership can exist between two people of the same sex or those of different sexes in the state of Pennsylvania. Most of the domestic partnerships that exist are between those who are of the same gender. They often live together in the same home, and some states recognize the partnership as legal so that the couple can receive certain benefits.

Clerk hopes to appeal same-sex marriage and divorce ruling

As it was mentioned in a previous post on May 28, 2014 (Same-sex marriage and divorce no longer banned in Pennsylvania), the ban on same-sex couples seeking a marital union was struck down. As a result, same-sex couples who wished to marry in the state could, and individuals who had been married in other states would now have their same-sex marriages recognized as legal. This meant that both same-sex marriage and divorce were now possible in the state.

Same-sex marriage and divorce no longer banned in Pennsylvania

The debate over same-sex marriage continues to be one that many individuals have strong opinions about. However, because the decision on whether to recognize same-sex marriages is still being decided on a state-to-state basis, many couples can face difficulties if they are married in one state then later move to another. Luckily, for those living in Pennsylvania, same-sex marriage and divorce may become less complicated.

Same-sex couples and divorce could see change in Pennsylvania

Though great strides are being made when it comes to marriage equality, there are still significant barriers that same-sex couples must face. The number of states that have legalized same-sex marriage has been increasing in recent years, and a number of same-sex couples have been able to get married. However, same-sex couples and divorce is an increasingly difficult issue for some.

Same-sex marriage and divorce issues continue in Pennsylvania

Many individuals are aware that same-sex marriage is still a contested issue in many areas. Though great strides have been made in legalizing same-sex unions in several states, many states still do not recognize these unions. As a result, many couples may face issues when it comes to seeking a divorce if they live in a state, such as Pennsylvania, where these unions are not considered legal. Same-sex marriage and divorce unfortunately continue to see many issues.

Lawsuits challenge same-sex marriage and divorce in Pennsylvania

Same-sex marriage has gained recognition in several states across the country. However, in Pennsylvania, the issue of same-sex marriage and divorce continues to be a point of contention. Recent legal endeavors, though, could potentially result in such marriages being legally recognized in the state, and in turn, have a significant impact across the country.

Same-sex marriage and divorce could be coming to Pennsylvania

Same-sex marriage has been a controversial issue for an extended period of time and continues to be today. There are often headlines made dealing with same-sex marriage and divorce as states legalize the unions of same-sex couples and what impact those legalizations have. Pennsylvania is currently the only northeastern state that has not yet legalized same-sex marriage, but challenges to the ban could be making a difference.

Same-sex couples and divorce: Creating legal documents could help

Gaining the ability to marry someone they love has been a long road for many same-sex couples. As more states are recognizing and legalizing same-sex unions, the statistics and issues concerning same-sex couples and divorce are coming to the forefront. While couples may marry in a state that recognizes their union, if they later decide to separate and live in a state that does not consider their marriage legal, they could face difficulties in gaining the ability to divorce and face hurtles dealing with other separation issues.

Unrecognized unions pose problem for same-sex couples and divorce

Being allowed the opportunity to marry has been something for which many same-sex couples have been fighting for an extended period of time. There has been much joy in many areas when a state legalizes same-sex marriage, but what many may fail to realize is what that means for same-sex couples and divorce. While divorce is not often celebrated, those couples who have been wanting to divorce but could not due to their unions not being recognized in states they may have moved to could feel differently.

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