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How Does a Restraining Order Affect Child Custody?

Conflict between spouses or co-parents always puts a strain on children. When it rises to the level of protection orders and claims of domestic violence, it can interfere with a parent’s connection to his or her children, creating extra hurdles to… Read More
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Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

One of the biggest issues in any custody case and most divorces where children are involved is the parenting plan. This is the court order that sets out who will be responsible for different parts of a child’s upbringing, and where the children wil… Read More
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What to Do if Illness Thr…

What to Do if Illness Threatens Your Parenting Time

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents have gotten sick with COVID-19 in the last couple months. Many of those people were likely parents with parenting plans. Many more were children splitting their time between divorced or separated parents. How shoul… Read More
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Does COVID-19 Affect Your…

Does COVID-19 Affect Your Pennsylvania Parenting Time Plan?

Parents all across Pennsylvania, and the U.S. are finding themselves facing the Coronavirus pandemic with more questions than answers. That includes questions about how COVID-19 will affect their Pennsylvania parenting time plan or visitation orders.… Read More
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Do You Need to Go to Cour…

Do You Need to Go to Court Before Moving Away From Pennsylvania With Your Child?

The time after the end of a marriage or relationship can be difficult, but it can also provide the opportunity for new beginnings—including a geographic move, perhaps for a new job or to be closer to extended family. Unfortunately, if you are a par… Read More
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What are Fathers’ Right…

What are Fathers’ Rights When Parents Aren’t Married?

When a family welcomes a new child it should be a happy event. But when a child’s parents aren’t married sometimes that child’s father faces an uphill paternity battle to establish their rights and protect their children. Our attorneys are here… Read More
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How Do Judges Decide Chil…

How Do Judges Decide Child Custody in Pennsylvania?

Child custody can be the single most important important issue when couples divorce or unmarried parents go their separate ways. Both parents often want to be sure they have time with their children and the authority to make important decisions in th… Read More
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Grandmother reading a book to granddaughters

Grandparents Child Custody Rights

ASK BUD Grandparent – “How can a grandparent get custody? Bud asks – “Tell me about the relationship.” Grandparent: “I had a very close relationship with my granddaughter, Ivy (name changed for confidentiality), for a few years, and then… Read More
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What Rights Do Grandparents Have?

Becoming a grandparent is a milestone event. Building a bond with your grandchildren may have been a long-held dream of yours. You likely work hard at strengthening that bond at every opportunity. So, when your grandchildren’s parents announce thei… Read More
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Parents: What to Know About Modifying Child-Related Plans

As children grow, their needs change dramatically. When parents are married, they can adjust to these changes together. However, when parents are divorced and sharing custody of their children, court intervention may be required to make the necessary… Read More
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