Tips on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer

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The right lawyer can turn a nasty, emotional divorce into an understandable, and endurable process. But how do you know the family lawyer sitting across from you is the best person for the job? Here are some tips on how to find a divorce lawyer that is best for you, and what red flags to watch out for.

Tip 1: Ask Friends and Family

Many of the best lawyers don’t advertise heavily. They don’t have to. These attorneys rely on referrals from past clients, other lawyers, and professionals they’ve worked with. Rather than relying on billboards or TV ads, talk to the people you trust. Ask them who they know who handles family law, and how they liked the work they saw.

Red Flag: Six Degrees of Separation

A referral is only as good as the relationship between your friend and their lawyer. Make sure the people you talked to worked directly with the lawyer in a professional capacity, rather than just “someone they know” or share a hobby with.

At Berman Law, we love it when our clients refer their friends and family to us. We take care of those referral clients, giving them our best and helping them resolve their marriages as easily as possible.

Tip 2: Focus on Family Law

Finding the right divorce lawyer means looking at how the attorney spends their time. Family law is different from contract negotiation or criminal defense. It takes a certain sensitivity to the emotional and practical aspects of dividing one household into two. Divorce lawyers need experience handling all kinds of issues including:

  • Finances and budgeting
  • Real estate concerns
  • Trauma responses in domestic violence cases
  • School and education issues

That’s why it is so important for you to choose the right divorce attorney: someone who has years of experience handling the unique issues that come up in family court.

Red Flag: They Do it All

There are a lot of “general practitioners” out there who will handle any case that walks in the door. Their experience is a mile wide, but an inch deep. If yours is anything but the most straight-forward divorce, they could easily find themselves out of their depth. Make sure the person you hire has significant experience in family law and divorce.

Divorce attorney Bud Berman, have decades of combined experience handling some of the toughest divorce cases. They are ready to put that experience to work negotiating and resolving your family law matter.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Strategy

You probably already know whether your divorce will be emotionally easy or long and painful. After all, you’ve spent years navigating disagreements with your spouse. Will they try to make the problem go away, or dig in their heels? There are different strategies to resolving a marriage such as mediation, alternative dispute resolution, or traditional litigation. Each of these are useful in different circumstances. A good divorce lawyer will find the one best suited to the case and the people in front of them.

Red Flag: Driving the Conflict

Some lawyers stoke the flames of conflict in divorce cases, rather than trying to put them out. Unless you know you are in for a fight, make sure your lawyer will help resolve things peacefully, before resorting to the time and expense of a trial.

At Berman Law, we make good use of the different divorce strategies available to us. We will listen to your situation and help you pick the right strategy, using all the tools at our disposal, from mediation, to negotiation, to formal litigation.

Tip 4: Interview More Than One Divorce Lawyer

You need to trust the lawyer representing you. Knowing how to find a good divorce lawyer means sitting down and talking to them to see if your personalities mesh. Your lawyer isn’t your therapist, but you will be discussing sensitive topics with them, so be sure they communicate with you in a way you understand.

Red Flag: Pressure to Close the Deal

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is a big decision. It shouldn’t be made lightly or on the spot. If the lawyer ends a call or initial consultation by pressuring you to sign up right away, you could face that same pressure to settle for something that doesn’t match your priorities.

At Berman Law, we want you to be able to trust us. We will carefully listen to your situation, and give you the time you need to decide if we are the right lawyers for you.

Tip 5: Talk About the Tough Issues

Every family and every divorce is different. There will probably be something in your case that makes it unusual or tough.

  • Did you adopt a child or use a sperm donor?
  • Does one of you own a business?
  • Did you inherit property?
  • Were you living together before you got married?
  • Are there debts that need to be addressed?
  • Is your spouse going to say you are at fault for the divorce?

It is important to talk about the tough issues with your lawyer right up front. Be sure they understand how the law affects that issue. Ideally they will have seen it before. How your divorce lawyer responds to the “big deals” in your initial interview will help you judge their knowledge and ability to handle your case.

Red Flag: Avoiding the Rough Spots

Sometimes lawyers can be too quick to settle a case before they fully understand the situation. This can create legal problems for clients later on. If you feel like your lawyer is trying to gloss over the tough questions, you may want to find someone with more experience.

At Berman Law, we’ve seen a lot in our time practicing family law. Our experienced Pennsylvania family law attorneys have handled a variety of tough issues, and we’re confident we can find a solution that will work for you. We welcome you to contact us to set up an interview to discuss your family law matter, and decide if we are the right divorce attorneys for you.

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