Alimony & Spousal Support

There are different types of alimony or spousal support in PA.

Alimony Pendente Lite (APL) is alimony paid during a divorce case. It is usually the dollar equivalent of spousal support, and is calculated by a formula. It is designed to equalize the money available to both sides of a divorcing couple to level the playing field during the divorce. Disputes and difficult legal issues often arise regarding what should be counted as income.

Alimony after a divorce is limited in duration, and subject to different rules regarding amounts. It must be awarded in the divorce case.

Spousal support can be awarded before a divorce is even started. There are defenses to its award that do not exist regarding APL.

We Help Spouses Receiving and Paying Spousal Support

Whether you are the spouse paying or receiving spousal support or alimony, our divorce lawyers at Berman & Associates can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your matter, tell you your options and provide you with excellent legal preparation and argument.

Alimony Rights and Obligations in Pennsylvania

We advise our divorcing clients about their alimony rights and obligations in situations such as:

  • Separate maintenance rights prior to divorce
  • Alimony pendente lite to assure each spouse of the ability to support living and legal expenses
  • Disputes as to the award, amount, duration or conditions of alimony after the divorce is final
  • Effect of prenuptial or postnuptial agreement terms on alimony or support rights
  • Effect of misconduct during the marriage on the right to alimony or support
  • What should be counted as income, including from a personally owned business

At Berman & Associates our experience with alimony issues allows us to make an informed analysis of how a family court judge would likely rule in your case. We then use our detailed assessment as the basis for negotiating terms that meet your needs.

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