You want the best for your family and loved ones. That doesn’t end with your death. At Berman & Associates, our estate planning attorney provides thoughtful forward-looking representation to help you plan your final affairs, and put together a Will that will ensure your wishes are honored after you pass away.

Our Will lawyer is dedicated to helping you plan for the unexpected, so that you and your family are ready when it comes time to pass on your property to the next generation. We will help you identify, value, and plan to distribute your assets in your Last Will & Testament. We are proud to help families of all kinds plan for their future, and protect their loved ones.

Media, Pennsylvania Will Lawyer Planning for Your Assets

Berman & Associates has years of estate planning experience, helping Pennsylvania families prepare their Wills and protect their assets. From our offices in Media, our estate planning attorney helps individuals and families in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, and Chester County prepare their Wills and estate plans in a way that protects their property, and provides for their families.

Help for Families Planning Their Wills

At Berman Law, we don’t just want you to have any Will, we want to help you craft a document that truly reflects your wishes, taking into account tax implications, Pennsylvania probate laws, and all the other outside influences that could affect your family after you are gone. We take the time to work with our clients, helping them identify the family members, friends, organizations, and charities that they want to inherit from their estate. We will discuss your priorities with you, helping you anticipate your own future needs, and what you want for your family. We’ll make sure the Will you sign properly reflects your last wishes.

We know that it can be difficult to discuss your death with anyone, let alone an estate planning attorney. While you don’t always need a lawyer for a Will to be valid in Pennsylvania, hiring an experienced estate planning attorney gives you access to our knowledge and experience about how Pennsylvania probate judges will interpret the contents of your Will when you are no longer able to explain your wishes yourself. More than just filling out a form, our Will lawyer makes it their job to give you honest and thoughtful advice about how your Will is structured and executed so that your interests are properly conveyed when the time comes to administer your estate.

Assistance in Keeping Your Estate Plan Up to Date

Life changes happen every day. These changes can affect the way your Will plays out after your death. At Berman Law, we help our clients keep their estate plans up to date. We offer cost-effective reviews of existing estate plans, helping you make sure that life changes don’t create unintended results for your family. We recommend reviewing your estate plan after:

  • Babies are born
  • Friends pass away
  • Marriages are celebrated
  • Divorces are finalized
  • Homes are bought or sold
  • New bank accounts are opened
  • Business interests are bought or sold
  • Three to five years have passed

Knowledge to See When a Will is Not Enough to Protect Your Interests

A Last Will & Testament may be all you need to convey your assets to your loved ones after your death. However, a complete estate plan can include many other documents and asset planning tools. We review every client’s situation carefully, helping them identify whether they need powers of attorney, guardianship designations, a living Will or health-care surrogate designation, or even a trust. We want every client’s estate plan to match the size of their estate and their personal wishes for their end of life care. We’ll let you know if a Will is enough, or whether your family needs something more.

Berman & Associates: Hire a Media, PA Will Lawyer Who Cares

Our Wills lawyer knows what you need to make sure your affairs are in order in case of an accident or terminal illness. We can help you prepare your Will and the rest of your estate plan, and keep everything up to date. We want to make it easier for your family to handle your final affairs and honor your wishes for your assets. We welcome you to contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced PA estate planning attorney, so that we can start working for you and your family.