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Representing Fraternities and Sororities and their Members

Attorney Bud Berman, Founder of Berman & Associates, has decades of experience protecting the rights of fraternities, sororities and their members. Bud has represented — and continues to represent — a National Collegiate Fraternity headquartered in Indianapolis with over 70 undergraduate chapters around the United States for more than 40 years as its General Counsel. He provides representation and guidance for all of the organization's needs including but not limited to real estate, insurance, bylaws and policies, liability, employment, trademark, corporate structure, vendor contracts, hazing law, and expulsion of members.

Greek fraternal organizations and their members often need legal help from an attorney who has experience in some combination of general criminal defense law, fraternity law, hazing law, free speech law, and university discipline processes. You will find this combination at Berman & Associates.

Based in Media, Pennsylvania, we practice throughout Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County and Chester County Pennsylvania where our own court appearances may be required; but we provide legal services nationwide for non-court matters. Call 610-565-9696 or contact us online to discuss how we can help you.

Fraternities and the Law: Legal Help for Alcohol Charges, Noise Complaints, Hazing Charges, and Sexual Assault Accusations

Party-goers are often arrested en masse when security or police are called because of boisterous behavior. Arrests and prosecutions for underage drinking, disorderly conduct, DUI, and noise restrictions need to be met with a lawyer who can negotiate and defend.

Pennsylvania Hazing Laws

Hazing of new members has gained serious negative national attention, with deaths recorded in several states, including Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, as of October 2018 has ranked hazing as a felony, punishable with up to seven (7) years imprisonment. The Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law is a complicated criminal statute with eleven sections that apply to individuals, organizations and institutions (not only fraternities) and that also has detailed and restricted provisions protecting and providing “safe harbors” for “good samaritans.” Representation by Berman & Associates gives you a combination of experience in fraternity law, hazing litigation and vigorous criminal defense.

Sexual assault accusations are affecting more and more fraternity and other organization members, and college students generally, than ever. These accusations can lead to expulsion and other disciplinary actions that can affect your life long after your college experience. Did you think it was just flirting? Was the experience truly consensual? Was too much alcohol involved? Berman & Associates provides the legal help that is needed.

Other issues affecting members and Greek fraternal organizations include First Amendment Freedom of Association and Freedom of Speech, university sanctions, and revocation of university recognition. Any of these can have effects well beyond the college experience, and call for the skills and experience that Berman & Associates can provide.

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