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Below is just a small sample of cases our lawyers have handled. Berman & Associates is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. No lawyer can guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

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Move-Away Prevented: Father Would Not Have Been Able to Regularly See Children

Representing Father, we blocked relocation (move-away) of Mother and two children where Mother would have slightly advanced her professional career, but Father’s regular and close relationship to his children would have been disrupted.

Move-Away Allowed: Better Life for Children Who Would Still See Both Parents

Representing Mother, we obtained court permission to relocate two children to the West Coast, where we proved the children would benefit from Mother having a much better-paying job, that they would benefit from living in a much better neighborhood and going to a much better public school, and we could make arrangements for extended visits to Father in Philadelphia.

Custody Re-established After Months of Denied Access to Child

Representing a parent who lost all access to their child for many months because the spouse had discovered disturbing social media postings, we obtained sole legal and primary physical custody of the child for our client, and had the ruling affirmed on appeal.

Grandparent Permitted to Obtain Custody of Grandchild

Obtained “standing” for a grandparent to obtain a custody order for a grandchild by getting the court to recognize that the termination of parental rights (not covered in the Grandparents Rights Law) created the same functional lack of a parent as parental death (covered in the Grandparents Rights Law).

Divorce Permitted Despite that Couple Continued to Live Together

Proved “separation” of a married couple to meet a statutory requirement of divorce, where the couple continued to live in the same house until the house was sold as ordered by the court in the divorce decree.

Protection From Abuse Order Prevents Children from Being Abducted to Foreign Country

Obtained a Protection From Abuse Order for our father-client against both a mother and her parents, protecting the children from potential abduction to a foreign country.

Not Guilty Jury Verdict: Securities Charges

Representing a defendant in federal court who was arrested by the FBI for transporting stolen securities across state lines, we obtained a jury verdict of not guilty despite the FBI agent’s testimony that our client had confessed to him.

Drug Possession and Probation Violation Charges Dropped

Representing a criminal client regarding possession charges who faced 2 years incarceration for the charges and violation of his probation, all charges were dropped at the Pretrial conference after our Berman & Associates lawyer filed and successfully argued a pretrial motion.

$1,000,000 for Injured Uber Passenger

We recovered policy limits ($1,000,000) for an Uber passenger injured when the driver crashed into a pole beside the road.

$1,200,000 for Rear-Ended Driver

We obtained a jury verdict of $1,200,000 for a driver rear-ended, where there were no visible injuries and no hospital admission, and the highest settlement offer during trial was $75,000.

Verdict Against Rehabilitation Hospital After a Fall

Obtained a jury verdict against a rehabilitation hospital in favor of a husband whose wife lost her leg because of a fall suffered when she got out of her hospital bed to visit the bathroom.

Settlement for Client Who Fell at Casino

Obtained a settlement for physical injuries from an international casino operator by proving that our client fell when entering the casino because a rain mat had been put down with a slight protrusion that caught her foot.

Last Will and Testament Vacated Due to Bank's Undo Influence

Representing the person previously appointed Executor of a large estate, we got the trial court to vacate the Last Will and Testament that was obtained later by a bank because of its “undo influence,” in which the Bank was named as Executor, and made new Pennsylvania law in the Appellate Court Decision.

Success for Company in Licensing Dispute

Representing a company that had licensed its name to another company that then refused to recognize the license and was enriching itself using the name, we arbitrated the case through multiple hearings; got the name returned; and recovered all the contracted dollar benefits of the license agreement, plus all legal fees.

Full Monetary Recovery After Old Sewer Line Caused Building Wall to Collapse

Obtained full monetary recovery at trial from the landowner and title insurance company for a client building a restaurant, when one of the walls collapsed into a huge hole created by a long-abandoned and buried municipal sewer line.