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Before Disinheriting Someone, Ask Yourself Some Questions

Recently, the topic of disinheritance made headlines when comedian Jerry Lewis disinherited his six biological children in his will. While his estranged children may not have been surprised by the news, it certainly had an impact on his readers and fans.

Student Harassment in Pennsylvania

Every child ought to feel safe and welcome when he or she goes to school. Unfortunately, some students in Pennsylvania are afraid to go to school because they have been mistreated there and feel threatened, discriminated against or harassed at their school.

Children With Disabilities have the Right as well as the Need to Participate in Extracurricular Activities

We know extracurricular activities enhance a student's educational experience . They offer enhancements (health-wise) in the form of athletics, intellectually perhaps by being in a leadership position or a math or science league, and socially and emotionally by affording opportunities to meet and participate with other kids in extra curricular activities where they are sharing an interest.

Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a 2013 press release about participation in athletics, "Athletics can provide invaluable lessons in discipline, selflessness, passion and courage...." To be denied the opportunity to participate because of a disability is disheartening, frustrating and . . . illegal.

How Do We Handle our Personal Property in a Divorce?

When people think about the property they have to divide in their divorce, they often think of the very valuable or large items, like cars, homes and jewelry. However, you must also divide personal property and household items that are marital property and this can be confusing, frustrating and tedious.

Why August Could be the Month You File for Divorce

Ending a marriage is not a decision people make lightly. It typically happens after couples have spent a considerable amount of time fighting, being unhappy and/or seeking counseling. That being said, there are trends as to when people file for divorce. For instance, research indicates that there is a spike in divorce filings during the month of August.

Talk to Your Teens about the Consequences of College Crimes

If your child is heading off to college in the coming weeks, he or she is likely excited and perhaps intimidated by this significant transition. As a parent, you can make this transition easier in a number of ways, from getting their school supplies to helping them move into their dorm rooms.

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