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Protecting Your Child With A Disability

Planning for the future is important for any family, but it becomes even more important when a child has a disability. How can you protect your child today, tomorrow and when you aren't around? With the right help, special needs planning doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some of the legal tools available to you.

4 Parties Who Can Help You Through a High-Asset Divorce

Divorces involving substantial amounts of money or property have the potential to turn into all-out battles, considering all that may be at stake. In high-asset divorces, people aren't just fighting over a single home or thousands of dollars; they can be fighting over a lucrative business or millions of dollars.

Named As An Executor? How You Can Make the Role a Little Easier

Handling the affairs of a loved one who has recently passed away can be an overwhelming challenge. However, if someone has named you as the executor of his or her estate, then it is a challenge you will need to overcome in order to perform your role effectively.

6 Reasons Why a Will Might Be Unenforceable

A last will and testament is one of the most important documents a person will create. It dictates everything from the care a person receives in the event of incapacitation to what will happen with all his or her possessions.

Considering the power that a will holds, it is crucial that you create one that is clear and - most importantly - enforceable. If you fail to do this, there is no guarantee that your wishes will be carried out as you expect. Below are six of the most common elements that can make a will unenforceable in Pennsylvania, according to state laws.

Think You Don't Have Assets to Divide in Divorce? Think Again

One of the most costly mistakes you can make in your divorce is to undervalue yourself and your marital assets. By not understanding what you have and what you deserve, you are putting yourself in a position to get less in the marital distribution.

For instance, you might think that you and your soon-to-be ex simply don't have any assets worth dividing. Based on this assumption, you might just agree to split your bank account in half and go your separate ways. However, below we examine three types of assets you could be neglecting.

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