Other Civil Cases Results

Below is just a small sample of cases our lawyers have handled. Media, PA attorneys Berman & Associates is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. No lawyer can guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

Representing the person previously appointed Executor of a large estate, we got the trial court to vacate the Last Will and Testament that was obtained later by a bank because of its “undo influence,” in which the Bank was named as Executor, and made new Pennsylvania law in the Appellate Court Decision. Read More
Representing a company that had licensed its name to another company that then refused to recognize the license and was enriching itself using the name, we arbitrated the case through multiple hearings; got the name returned; and recovered all the contracted dollar benefits of the license agreement, plus all legal fees. Read More
Obtained full monetary recovery at trial from the landowner and title insurance company for a client building a restaurant, when one of the walls collapsed into a huge hole created by a long-abandoned and buried municipal sewer line. Read More