Father’s Rights

Historically, mothers were favored in child custody rulings. Fathers had a tough battle effectively fighting for their rights and acquiring a proper custody arrangement. Even during those tough times for fathers, our fathers' rights attorney successfully gained both primary and partial custody ofor our father-clients. Berman & Associates attorneys continue to successfully represent many fathers in family law disputes, and continue to work tirelessly to ensure that fathers’ rights are understood and preserved.

Protection of Fathers’ Rights

Pennsylvania law no longer requires a father to prove the child’s or children’s mother to be an unfit parent to obtain child custody. The fathers' rights attorney team at Berman & Associates knows Pennsylvania law and how to apply it to your specific situation. We represent clients in complex divorce and custody disputes and find resolutions for them in their child custody and child support issues while allowing them to maintain their current relationship with their child or children.

Modifying Child Support and Modifying Custody

The law allows child support orders and custody orders to be modified. If your circumstances have substantially changed, you may not be bound to continue to pay at the same rate of support. Our attorneys will work with the court to modify the amount of child support you pay if custody arrangements or income levels have changed. If the best interests of the children will be served by changing the custody arrangements, our attorneys will file the necessary petitions and fight for modification.

Berman & Associates: Experienced Media, PA Fathers' Rights Attorney

Our Media, Pennsylvania fathers' rights attorney serves families throughout Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Chester County. We see it as our mission to help clients resolve complicated legal issues in custody and support matters as well as answer questions about paternity DNA tests. To learn more about this and our other services, contact us online or call us now at 610-565-9696.