Relocations & Move-Aways

Relocating or moving away with your child can be very complicated whether or not it is after divorce and whether or not there is a child custody order. Moving children out of Pennsylvania or a considerable distance away from their other parent will greatly affect your child's or children's lives. It is important that a move-away or relocation decision be made with the best interests of the child or children in mind. The other parent must also be considered so that a good relationship between both parents and the children can be maintained. It is critical that the moving parent meets with a child relocation attorney to understand the requirements of the Pennsylvania relocation statute (law) before the move, and that the Court where the children live approves of the move.

How Our Child Custody Attorneys Help When One Parent Wants to Move

At Berman & Associates, our experienced Pennsylvania child relocation attorney team help parents with relocation issues by negotiating agreements between the parents, seeking court approval of the move, or seeking a court order rejecting the relocation of the children.

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate an agreement with the other parent by addressing changes to the visitation schedule. However, if an agreement is not possible, filing a petition with the family court and getting court approval is necessary.

Pennsylvania Child Custody Law Requirements for Moving with a Child

To get approval for a move out of state, it is necessary to convince the court that the relocation serves the child’s best interests.

If the parent does not get approval before moving with the child, and the other parent objects, the moving parent may be required to bring the child back to Pennsylvania until an agreement is reached or the court makes a decision. It is important to know that moving before approval is received could violate an existing custody order, which could be held against you as the court makes its decision.

Berman & Associates: Experienced Media, PA Child Relocation Attorney Team

Our experienced Media, Pennsylvania child relocation attorney team at Berman & Associates is available to listen and guide you through the legal processes if you or your child's other parent wants to move. We serve families throughout Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Chester County. Contact us online today or call 610-565-9696 for immediate, honest advice on how you should proceed.