Dividing Assets in Divorce

After child custody, property division is one of the most difficult aspects of many Pennsylvania divorces. The process of dividing assets in divorce means taking everything that was once “ours” and splitting it into “mine” and “yours.” That can be complicated and emotionally charged. It is important to work with a lawyer who understands the financial, practical, and emotional aspects of distributing assets in PA and can guide you to a fair and equitable distribution of assets.

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Berman & Associates’ divorce attorneys have decades of experience helping divorcing couples negotiate a property division that is equitable and honors their clients’ needs and priorities. We can help you identify, set the value of, and divide your family’s marital property in a way that protects your most valuable assets. Through careful investigation and knowledgeable analysis of your family’s property and debts, we will help you set your priorities and present your best case to the court.

How are Assets and Debt Divided in Divorce

When dividing assets in divorce, Pennsylvania family court judges are looking for an equitable distribution of marital property. Whatever either party owned before the marriage will generally still be that party’s property after the divorce. Anything -- assets or debts -- that the couple accumulated from the date of the marriage forward will be divided based on several factors:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s income and debts
  • Spousal support from a prior marriage
  • Each spouse’s ability to earn or find new income
  • The parties’ contributions to, preservation of, or dissipation of assets (including as homemaker)
  • The standard of living the parties are accustomed to
  • Who will act as custodian for the minor children
  • Pensions and retirement benefits available to either party
  • Tax consequences of dividing the assets
  • Other relevant factors

However, Pennsylvania law says that a judge may not consider either spouse’s marital misconduct in deciding how to divide up assets in a divorce.

Taking on Tough Property Division Issues in PA Family Court

Not every property division is easy or straightforward. Some property division issues are particularly complicated. At Berman & Associates, we have experience addressing a variety of issues that could make it harder to know how to divide assets in a divorce, including:

  • Pre-marital separate property
  • Inheritances and gifts
  • Enforcing and challenging prenuptial agreements
  • Timeshares and vacation properties
  • Business valuation and spousal contributions
  • Pension and Retirement Account distribution
  • Separately held assets and debts
  • Property appraisals
  • Refinancing the family’s home mortgage
  • Pet custody

No matter how simple or complicated your family’s estate is, we can help you negotiate a settlement that protects your interests, or advocate for an equitable distribution in front of a Pennsylvania family court judge.

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