Divorced woman holding envelope with alimony, savings for single mom, allowance

Understanding Pennsylvania Alimony Laws

Alimony is a monthly payment made by one spouse to another pursuant to a divorce. It is often one of the most complex and contentious issues that must be resolved when a couple decides to end their marriage. In addition, understanding the Pennsylvani… Read More
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Senior couple, documents and sign contract for life insurance or home mortgage. Discussion, signature and retired elderly man and woman signing legal paperwork for will or loan application together.

5 Important Pennsylvania Estate Planning Documents

It’s vital to have a well-drafted estate plan in place to ensure your assets will be distributed in the way you wish after you pass — and your loved ones will be financially protected. However, a comprehensive estate plan is so much more than a l… Read More
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Hands of wife and husband signing divorce documents or premarital agreement at the lawyer's office. High net worth divorce concept.

A Guide to High Net Worth Divorce

If you or your spouse have substantial assets and you’re considering parting ways, there are several important considerations. Although a high net worth divorce follows the same process as any other divorce action, these matters can be more complex… Read More
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senior couple arguing through their gray divorce

What to Know About Gray Divorce

Divorce at any age is hard, but it can be even more challenging for older couples who have been married for a lengthy amount of time. Not only is a “gray divorce” emotionally difficult, but the legal process may be more nuanced as many of these d… Read More
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Couple experiencing an uncontested divorce awaiting their attorney

Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce is never easy. However, it doesn’t always have to involve a costly and protracted battle in the courtroom. An uncontested divorce can allow spouses to part ways with less emotional stress and monetary expense. It can also be faster, more am… Read More
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Hands are tearing marital agreement while discussing equitable distribution of property.

Equitable Distribution in a Pennsylvania Divorce

Property division is often one of the most complex — and contentious — issues in a divorce proceeding. While each spouse might believe they are entitled to certain property and assets, it’s important to understand that Pennsylvania follows the… Read More
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How to Establish Paternity in Pennsylvania

If you are an unmarried parent, it’s important to understand that there is no legal relationship between a child and father until paternity has been established. While it is common for an unmarried father to voluntarily provide monetary support to… Read More
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Happy single father in a wheelchair and his small son using laptop at home concept.

Do Parents on Disability Pay Child Support?

Child support payments are critical to help ensure a child’s basic needs are met. In Pennsylvania, child support is calculated using the “income shares” model which considers the monthly net income of each parent in calculating the amount that… Read More
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Happy boy after the basketball match with his father. Mid adult man and child are smiling in backyard. They are wearing casuals during weekend concept

Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

Whether a couple who shares children was married or not, making the decision to part ways can have a substantial impact on their family. Importantly, child support and child custody laws for unmarried parents in Pennsylvania are basically the same as… Read More
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Close up smiling loving young father hugging adorable little daughter, enjoying tender moment, spending weekend together, sitting on cozy couch at home, good family relationship between dad and child concept

What’s the Difference Between Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting?

Going through a divorce or separating from your partner is hard enough, but it can be even more complex and emotionally draining when children are involved. While some couples never have to speak with each other again once their marriage is dissolved… Read More
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